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NEW!2015 - 2016 Enterprise Feedback Management Product and Market Report
Changing market perception, the growing appreciation of the importance of customer needs, the emergence of new and more real-time technologies, social media and the changing requirements of consumers and employees are among the trends driving a revolution in the world of EFM. Best-of-breed EFM providers are offering innovative approaches to capturing feedback, engaging customers in an ongoing dialog as they traverse their omni-channel journey. And real-time speech and text analytics capabilities are helping organizations take voice of the customer (VoC) programs to the next level by allowing them to react to feedback “in the moment.” Adoption of EFM is strong and picking up momentum, particularly as the diversity of offerings grows. Learn more.

NEW!2015 - 2016 Customer Journey Analytics Product and Market Report
The concept of Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) has been evolving for over 30 years and has taken many forms, including data warehouses, data marts, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, and customer experience management. Today, as organizations are starting to accept an inherent truth about service – that customers expect to do business the way they want, when they want, and how they want – the importance of capturing, analyzing and understanding patterns in customer service relationships is taking on new importance. CJA solutions are going to enable a major revolution in the market by placing customer needs front and center at every step of a customer's interactions with a company or organization. Learn more.

NEW!2015 - 2016 Speech and Text Analytics Product and Market Report
Speech and text analytics solutions perform the unique function of identifying the meaning, sentiment and insights contained within conversations and written documents. Speech analytics is a high-value application with great potential to deliver quantifiable strategic and tactical benefits to many departments within enterprises, including the contact center, when it is used properly. Text analytics has been around much longer than speech analytics, and despite being a requirement for any company with a social media program, adoption remains surprisingly slow. Both speech and text analytics are valuable on a stand-alone basis, but when combined with other analytical applications, their contributions become even greater. DMG expects speech analytics and text analytics to become fundamental and core components of contact center and enterprise customer journey analytics solutions. Learn more.

NEW!2015 Contact Center Workforce Optimization Market Share Report
2014 was another good year for the WFO market. The total GAAP revenue for all contact center WFO offerings in 2014 was $3,660.9 million, an increase of 12.5% from $3,252.9 million in 2013. The contact center WFO sector accounted for 38.3% of total WFO revenue in fiscal 2014, a decrease from 41.5% in 2013. NICE and Verint remained the top and dominant WFO market leaders, accounting for 60% to 80% of most segments of this market. WFO vendors are investing in their solutions and delivering innovation even to components of these suites that are considered mature, while also introducing new and emerging analytics capabilities. The market is also seeing a substantial amount of research and development (R&D) investments to extend the reach and benefits of WFO solutions for back-office and branch operations. DMG expects these market opportunities to fuel the organic growth of the WFO market during the next few years. Learn more.

NEW!2015 - 2016 Outbound Solutions Product and Market Report
Today's multi-channel outbound suites are highly sophisticated, rules-driven systems that allow for bi-directional communications on a fully automated or agent-assisted basis. Leading organizations are utilizing outbound solutions to support comprehensive customer outreach strategies that positively and proactively engage customers in an omni-channel dialogue. And increasingly, prospects are looking for inbound and outbound capabilities that are integrated, so the experience can be personalized, highly relevant and seamlessly blended. Multi-channel proactive customer care is already on its way to becoming a standard and cost-effective way of reaching out to share important and useful information. It's time for organizations to rethink their servicing strategies to incorporate outbound communications. There is no doubt that outbound still needs to be used for sales and collections, but an even greater value comes from its role in engaging customers and prospects and delivering an outstanding customer experience. Learn more.

NEW!2015 - 2016 Contact Center Workforce Management Market Report
2015 is expected to be a most exciting year for contact center and back-office WFM solutions. After over three decades of slow adoption and even slower innovation, this essential contact center IT sector is finally attracting companies’ interest and investment dollars, which is driving a desperately needed round of research and development (R&D) and innovation. What makes this wave of R&D investments interesting is that much of it is coming from emerging competitors or is being targeted at the developing back-office WFM sector. The potential of expanding sales to a larger audience is appealing to the WFM contact center market leaders, but it has also attracted vendors from many geographies, as well as new competitors. Learn more.

NEW!2014 Workforce Optimization Mid-Year Market Share Report
The contact center WFO market is still attracting substantial investments, many of which are being driven by the need to replace existing systems. The largest opportunities for increasing sales of WFO are in emerging economies, including several regions in Asia, as well as in the back office, where there is a sizable opportunity for WFO to dramatically improve business processes. The majority of WFO suite and application sales in contact centers today are premise-based, but DMG expects this to change during the next 5 – 8 years as more contact center activity moves to the cloud. The 2014 Workforce Optimization (WFO) Mid-Year Market Share Report analyzes projected growth for each WFO segment – recording, quality assurance, contact center performance management, speech analytics, text analytics, surveying, desktop analytics, workforce management, coaching and eLearning – through 2018. Learn more.

NEW!2014 - 2015 Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report
It is truly a buyers' market right now, and the proliferation of vendors, options and pricing structures are making cloud-based infrastructure solutions a highly attractive and viable acquisition model for contact centers of nearly every type, size and budget. End users and prospects are more than comfortable with the idea of cloud-based solutions; it is becoming their preferred method for procuring new and/or replacing outdated technology. Aside from the real and quantifiable financial benefits, end users are reaping the rewards from the exposure to new, robust and flexible technology, regular upgrades and on-going innovation without geographical restrictions or reliance on internal IT resources. Relieved of the burden of managing the hardware and software, end user organizations are free to focus on optimizing the use of the solutions to deliver an outstanding customer experience. Learn more.

NEW!2014 - 2015 Contact Center Gamification Product and Market Report
Gamification is a recent innovation that is generating substantial interest and capturing the attention of contact centers and enterprises. Gamification applications are being incorporated into internal production environments and customer-facing websites to engage and retain employees and customers. Gamification is starting to catch on, and early adopters of these solutions are seeing impressive success rates. DMG expects the next two years to be highly productive for gamification providers, as organizations use these solutions to help reduce customer effort and positively engage with their customers via social community channels. Learn more.

NEW!2014 - 2015 Contact Center Performance Management Market Report
CCPM's time may finally have come. "Big data," employee engagement, and the increasing importance of capturing and analyzing the customer journey are the major market trends that are causing end users to give CCPM a fresh look. Vendors are continuing to invest in making CCPM solutions more actionable and easier to implement and use. Performance management has also started to capture the interest of back-office managers as a way of obtaining the metrics and KPIs they need to help improve performance and reduce their operating expenses. Learn more.

The Real-time Contact Center: Strategies, Tactics, And Technologies For Building A Profitable Service And Sales Operation

The Real-Time Contact Center by Donna Fluss By Donna Fluss

As the focal point for sales and service, a company's call/contact centers know what customers want and need. Companies looking for a competitive edge must convert their reactive, cost-oriented contact centers into proactive, revenue-generating, real-time contact centers. The Real-Time Contact Center provides the tools, systems, implementation plans, best practices, ROI models, and practical guidance to make the transformation happen smoothly.

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