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The workforce management (WFM) market is mature, but continues to evolve. The addressable market is growing, and many organizations are replacing outdated, complex, inflexible WFM solutions. Other enterprises that may not have considered or believed they needed WFM in the past are now taking advantage of the powerful functionality available via cost-effective, flexible cloud-based solutions. This interest is driving vendors to invest in R&D, and a cycle of innovation and adoption is in play.

Timely, comprehensive and fact-based analysis of the evolving WFM landscape

Workforce management is a top investment priority for 2014. This should come as no surprise, given that increasing agent productivity, adding new interaction channels, and reducing the cost of service are among the top five contact center initiatives for 2014. The growing need for front- and back-office WFM capabilities is driving purchases at an unprecedented rate, which, in turn, is driving substantial investments in product innovation... a cycle that’s good for everyone – users and vendors alike.

Prospects can now purchase a WFM solution on a stand-alone basis, as part of a workforce optimization (WFO) suite, or from their automatic call distributor (ACD) vendor. The functionality, price, level of integration and benefits vary greatly, and no two systems are the same. DMG advises buyers to conduct thorough due diligence before making a WFM selection, as the degree of differentiation among offerings has never been greater. There is something appropriate for everyone and every type of environment.

The 2014 - 2015 Workforce Management Market Report presents contact center and IT managers with unparalleled vendor, product, functional, technical and pricing information. It provides detailed descriptions of the core and optional WFM modules, explains how each benefits an organization, and analyzes the differences among the vendors' offerings. Readers will get an inside look at the expanding WFM competitive landscape, including market momentum and vendor positioning. The Report also provides an insightful analysis of the market trends that are driving innovation and presenting challenges and opportunities for WFM vendors.

Key features of the Report include:

  • Overview of the contact center WFM market segments and competitive landscape
  • Analysis and review of the core, value-added and optional functional components that comprise leading and contending WFM solutions, as well as their service delivery options
  • Analysis of the trends and challenges that are driving technical and functional innovation, usability and market adoption
  • Evaluation of new product features, enhancements, and a preview of what the vendors plan to deliver in the next 12 – 18 months
  • Market activity and market share analysis, adoption rate, and three-year projections
  • Detailed side-by-side comparative analyses of the functional and technical capabilities of the eight leading and contending WFM vendors
  • Analysis of return on investment (ROI) and the benefits enterprises should expect to realize from a successful WFM implementation
  • Implementation analysis, including vendor best practices, maintenance and support policies, workshops, training and professional services
  • Comprehensive vendor satisfaction analysis, addressing each vendor's products, implementation, training, professional services, support, innovation/responsiveness and pricing
  • Detailed pricing comparison and analysis for premise-based, hosted and managed service WFM solutions
  • Discussion of WFM roles and responsibilities – who is needed to manage and maintain these solutions
  • A look at how the WFM vendors are supporting multi-channel forecasting and scheduling requirements
  • A critique of WFM intra-day management capabilities, and the reasons why intra-day environments need an overhaul
  • Discussion of how self-service modules empower and engage the new workforce
  • WFM Vendor Directory featuring 49 contact center and back-office WFM competitors
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